Week 6- Friday


Well today was the last day.  It was very depressing knowing that as soon as I have to go back to school and perform in classes that are the opposite of interesting to me.  However, the worst part I think is that I wont be seeing all the interns and the PerForM Lab members again.  I already miss them so much and if you happen to read this blog, thank you so much for making this summer the best one I’ve ever had.  To Gabe and the PerForM Lab, I will definitley come back and visit and given a spare chance, I will hopefully be able to work with you again.  The barbecue at the end was awesome for those of you who missed it.

IMG_1267 IMG_1268 IMG_1269 IMG_1270

I had a great time and I hope you did too.  Thanks again- for the last time.



Week 6- Thursday


I wish I could find the crying emoticon so I didn’t have to use 😦 because crying is closing to how I’m feeling on my last day of real work.  I had to finish up my project which ended up being a race to the end.  I also had to finish commenting my code so I could give it to Gabe and finish the survey Bob gave me on Monday.  Overall it was just a sad day.

Week 6- Wednesday


Today was a big presentation day.  Although we had to turn them in early this morning, I continued to work on it and adjust it and practice presenting it.  It was kind of a boring day because I sat by myself in a conference room all day and practiced my presentation.

Its defiantly better than it was but I still stumble and am missing some background.  This I noticed but was also told to me by Gabe when I gave the presentation in front of everyone in PerForM.

Oral presentations stress me out.

Week 6- Tuesday


Now I am in a rush.

I need to finish the powerpoint and practice it before I give a mini talk to my lab tomorrow.  I also need to finish the recommendation letter.  It helps however that the only thing I have to do with the powerpoint is to create some video files of the Vizard attempts.  But this actually might take longer than expected as I downloaded one screen capture that seemed safe but it actually loaded a bunch of other advertisement software.  I personally think my whole computer is running slow now.   So much so that when I ran the video software and Vizard, it was almost unplayable.  I now will have to download a different software and hope that I didn’t contract an virus for nothing.

Week 6- Monday


The last week has finally arrived.  Although I miss my school friends, I feel like I will miss this internship much more.  It’s just been so nice to work with things that actually matter and to have freedom and superiors that trust you.  Today I continued to work on my project and my code. But over all I didn’t get a lot done because I came in late because we have a field trip tonight to Mees observatory and I had to cut out hours somewhere.  Mees was actually a lot more fun than I originally expected.  Although there was a lot of cloud cover we(really the instructor) found Saturn and Mars.  We also got to look at the big dipper- specifically Mizar.  Turns out that that is actually two stars as can be seen in the telescope- Mizar and Alcor.

Big Dipper

The bus was fun too because although I worked on my Recommendation Letter, we also saw Hercules.

Week 5 – Saturday


Wow am I tired.

Today was the Darien Lake trip and the One Republic concert.  My mom drove the Lizzy, Maryam, Lindsey, Rory, Alex, and I to Darien Lake at the opening of the gate.  Throughout the day it got fairly hot but over all the rides were great and there was no rain, a miracle for Rochester.  We never went on water rides because some people didn’t bring a bathing suit but it was ok because we had enough to do everywhere else.  I finally got to ride Ride of Steel and Boomerang for the first time.  These are now my new favorite rides.  In the park.  Finally we went to the concert where we had lawn seats (a bad decision after staying in the park all day).  The first act was fine but the second act turned out to be Script, one of my other favorite bands.  At one point Danny even ran up the the lawn section and was literally ~3 meters from where we were standing.  Alex took a great selfie of this.  When One Republic came on they played really well but didn’t have much audience interaction.  By the end of the day my legs and feet were so tired I didn’t know if I could walk back to the car.  It was so fun but really exhausting.

Week 5 – Friday


Today I couldn’t do much actual work because I was back-and-forth between the Carlson center and the RIT Inn and Conference Center.  This is because the REU symposium was today and Austin was presenting at 10:15 and Maryam (who was presenting instead of Victor and Dan) at 3:00.  Maryam defiantly set the bar high for the intern presentations next week.  I had my first meeting with Gabe on my presentation today also.  I ended up adding a few slides and concatenating some information but overall I learned that I should make an outline about the information so the audience doesn’t get lost.  I can’t believe next week is the last week- I am not ready for the internship to be over.