Week 2- Tuesday


Today was rather slow.  I began to work on the algorithm that I am assigned and it was actually trickier than I expected.  This program is supposed to tell based on data when a hand moved in such a way as being predictive.  I think I finished it however I have not been able to test anything for accuracy because my original program is still having problems because the velocities I’m getting are much lower than I expected and that there are large gaps in the plotting.The problem is that I tried to trace back the gap problem and ended up at the data set.  First, many of the times are missing like when the times go from .1,.2,.3,.4…1.2 to 5.5 and then later skips again to 11.1 and then again to 17.0.  Also, I checked my code prior with small arrays so I decided to do that again but with the first four numbers of each of the true arrays.  Unfortunately/Fortunately, when I did the calculation by hand, my program’s velocities checked out: their lowness is correct.  Thus the problem must be somewhere deeper- (The Data Set?)  This is unfortunate because this is a variable that is much harder to change than something in my code and yet fortunate because I know that it was not my mistake that caused it.  Codding is like an emotional hurricane: you predict something bad will happen and it does, but after awhile the problem goes away, however it soon reappears before disappearing forever.


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