Week 2- Friday


I can’t believe that the internship is already 1/3 complete.  Although, I have to admit that my 10th day here was probably my most productive and exciting.  Early this morning I came up with a new method to separate the trials that is much more efficient.  It was the best feeling when 239 graphs of the different trials showed up on my computer, and all under 3 minutes.  After finally suppressing my excitement, I was then able to start looking up methods of smoothing my data set so that the algorithm would have less to deal with.  I found a new strategy that seems to work better then most other smoothing strategies.  I tried it and even implemented it so now my graphs are much less noisy.  At lunch today we had a barbecue again.  Volleyball was the popular activity and the food was good.  When I returned to the lab, I realized that all I had to do left on the code was to implement the algorithm that involved finding the predictive adjustment.  I ran it a few times but the day ended before I could finalize it and get all of the bugs out.


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