Week 3- Friday


Today marks exactly half way done with the internship 😦  As usual, we had a barbecue today and played some intense volleyball.  This morning I worked on my  code to make the ball move and just about to take a break because nothing was working.  But soon I actually got it to work, although the numbers seem a little small.  Now I have to get the ball that represents the hand to work.  It should be easy because it is the same mechanism for the ball but then again nothing is as simple as it should be when coding.  I also created a little program during some time in which I separated myself from my code.  Unfortunately, it is not an executable so if anyone wants to use it they will have to find a python IDE. If you use Python 2, just copy and paste the code into the IDE and run it.  If you use Python 3, copy and paste but change the instances of “raw_input” to “input”(they should be the first and 22nd line).  If the program doesn’t open: sorry but WordPress would not allow me to attach any files directly.  If it starts but gets an error after you insert the first value, you have the other version of Python.  Good Luck




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