Week 4- Wednesday



Today started out well as I began to work on Algorithm that understands predictive movements as before it work on 2-3 of about 30 graphs.  I didn’t get to finish this before the day ran out but sometimes it is good to take a step back anyway.  I also created a list of post-its that I stuck on the wall by my desk that say everything that should be done by the time the internship ends.  Right now there are 8 items but that could change as I think of more problems.  These include changing the Action Path, fixing the Algorithm, Making the progress bar move with the timer. Making the ball move with the progress bar adjustments, adding graphs to Vizard, making the graphs draw as the ball moves, add Gaze velocity and commenting the code.  These may not be in the correct order of what will be accomplished first.  The interns were also going to play soccer today but just as we got outside it began to rain.  Some of the boys stayed but most people left (understandably).  I also did tests for the DIY camera people and the Visual Perception people.


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