Week 4- Friday


To comment or not to comment that is the question.

As was my question today.  Because I still have so many attributes to fix and add to the Vizard program, I was not sure if I wanted to comment my code today or leave it until next week when the code would be further along.  So, for now I compromised.  I commented all of the old, non-Vizard code because that would probably not be changing much.  However, the Vizard code will be left to the end of next week the project should be finishing up.  Today was also the “bring your friend to the internship” day.  Of the 15 interns, only about 4 brought a friend for even part of the day.  I could not because of the friends I thought might be interested, they were all busy.  We also had our last barbecue today as next week is the REU symposium and the week after is the intern symposium 😦 . Next week my plan is to get though as much of the program as possible.


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