Week 5- Monday



Now there are only two weeks left and unfortunately I seem to still have a lot of work to do.  Especially since next week I was hoping to concentrate on my presentation.  Although, I guess that could get boring if I do that all week.  At least I still have work to do unlike a lot of my comrades who seem to be already finishing up.   Last week I make a post-it checklist to help me remember what needs to get done and in what order I should do it in.  When I left Friday there were eight things I needed to get done.  Just this morning I was able to complete 3 of them (apparently cinnamon toast crunch is the way to go!): change from the Action Path to just using .setPosition, making the progress bar move like in a YouTube video, and adjusting the ball’s position as the user scrolls in time with the progress bar.  However I also did things like adding the amount of time shown and total time in the progress bar and adjusting it as it plays, adding the total number of trials there are, and putting out what trial is the current trial: small problems that add to the quality and user friendliness.  Finally this afternoon I began to work on a larger problem: the graph(s).  To start I will only use one graph but hope that I’ll be able to add the second as time continues.  I had to use a different system than what I originally planned because now the graph is not in a separate window but as a semi-transparent texture inside the Vizard window.  I ran out of time before I could get it to move like in the example I found at:




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