Week 5- Tuesday


Today I did not do all that much work because I worked on my abstract almost all day.  Although I commented my code a little, I ended up traveling to a couple lab groups to try and get advice for my abstract.  I also had a tiny meeting with Gabe to discuss the new graphing situation where the graph appears semi transparent instead of in a separate window and to talk about how much my code should be commented and other details like those mentioned.  I also went to Crossroads for lunch (no free food today 😦 ) and noticed that high sugar stuff like candy and soda may be accentuating my headaches.  These headaches have actually come quite often with the one yesterday taking the prize for the worst.  It could be sleep related but now I actually think it is CVS related- Computer Vision Syndrome- basically staring at a computer for too long.  Tomorrow I will try turning down my brightness (it’s on 100% now) and maybe taking more mini breaks.


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