Week 5 – Saturday


Wow am I tired.

Today was the Darien Lake trip and the One Republic concert.  My mom drove the Lizzy, Maryam, Lindsey, Rory, Alex, and I to Darien Lake at the opening of the gate.  Throughout the day it got fairly hot but over all the rides were great and there was no rain, a miracle for Rochester.  We never went on water rides because some people didn’t bring a bathing suit but it was ok because we had enough to do everywhere else.  I finally got to ride Ride of Steel and Boomerang for the first time.  These are now my new favorite rides.  In the park.  Finally we went to the concert where we had lawn seats (a bad decision after staying in the park all day).  The first act was fine but the second act turned out to be Script, one of my other favorite bands.  At one point Danny even ran up the the lawn section and was literally ~3 meters from where we were standing.  Alex took a great selfie of this.  When One Republic came on they played really well but didn’t have much audience interaction.  By the end of the day my legs and feet were so tired I didn’t know if I could walk back to the car.  It was so fun but really exhausting.


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